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The DesertHD 3D model pack for games and real-time applications brings you 20 great Arizona desert models. AAA vegetation assets as you expect from Pure3D.


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Starting from small Agave plants up to Yucca palms or Palo Verde leaf trees you get everything you need to make your desert look like a great place for your designs.  Not even those but also some bush-work is included. 

The main-trunks and branches are closed meshes to enhance realism for the Next-Generation of Game-Engines like CryEngine, Lumion3D, Leadwerks3 and Unity3D.

All materials are designed to have a minimum of overdraw with unnecary alpha usage. We spent some more polies on the meshes. See the thumbnails for triangle counts.

Texture Format: .jpg, .tga

File Formats: .max (2010), .dae, .fbx, .obj, .3ds .ls3

Ready to launch in Lumion3D (17 models). Just import your .ls3 file and you have a full packed scene ready to go.

Getting a collection delivers a set of models which are coherent in style, easy to setup and mostly cheaper as buying the models one by one.