• Dead Tree Game-Models
    Dead Trees

    Need some spooky vegetation for your zombie horror game or a burned landscape? Then the Dead Trees collection is what you need. Loaded with 30 models plus another 30 low-poly versions for mobile-gaming you can do it!

    Just 19€
  • 3

    Great and affordable AAA content doesn't grow on trees. But Pure3D grows trees in the desert. With "DesertHD" you are perfectly equipped to develop a great game, visualization or CG even render.

    Just 24€
  • 3

    Our finest collection "RocksHD" features 35 ZBrush made rock models made out of different geological types. Hand-Painted seamlessly on 2048px. True AAA for your game.

    Just 29€
  • 1
    Ground Plants and Foliage

    Save money and manpower with our well known ground plant and foliage vegetation set. Easy setup, LoD models and multiple file formats compared with unique photographed textures make it easy to create your worlds.

    Just 14€
  • 2
    Environment Model Sets

    Need to build entire 3D worlds with the budget of an Indy-Dev? Then get our Environment model collections. Coherent in style, multiple file formats and fully textured making it the perfect start for your Level-Designers.

    Just 44€
  • 4
    Various Tree Collections

    No matter if a birch, pine, bush or even a foreign species from Afghanistan. We have the most common trees in our shop. Our hand-made trees enable you to build beautiful forests just in minutes.

    Just 14€